And the winner is…

At last the day arrived. A non-significant day for many, a very significant one for me: vExpert 2016 nomination.


It’s been in the night, in Italy was still dark, when I got the Tweet announcing the list , the blog advise to look for the name sing Ctrl+F was too easy and fast, I preferred scroll down… ’till I found my name. For me, a real emotion.

Now, as Andrea states in his post, this is not an arriving point, but a starting one. A start for a greater involvement in social, forums, VMUG and wherever I could be useful. It’s a “heavy” reward, I can feel the weight of responsibility for all the people that rely on this  title.

So, now, well, it’s not (or nomore) time for self-congratulation. But time for a couple of beers, yes!

Thank you VMware and to the whole community.


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