During the last VMUG UserCon in Milan I had the pleasure to
meet Andy Cary , VCI  Program Enablement Lead at VMware.
Since I begun months ago to study for my VCAP-CIA and in the while it “disappeared”, I was wondering which was the best between switch to VCAP-DCV and waiting for VCIX (still DCV since the Cloud path doesn’t include anymore vCloud Director – vRA took its place, and I’m really not confident with it).

vcap vcix

His advise was to go ahead with VCAP for 2 reasons:

  • first of all VCIX will not see the light before new year, and even though, it will pass through a testing/beta period;
  • second, if you pass even just one of the 2 VCAP (DCAdministration or DCDesign) you’ll earn a certification. And this exam will be converted in “half” of VCIX when it will be issued, so it won’t be time wasted, you’ll have to pass just the other exam to earn VCIX.

So, back to my old lab for VCAP-DCA, maybe I’ll invest some money on Ravello Systems. No chance to have anything at home, if I care my marriage, I just could borrow some unused stuff in our Datacenter, but more time wasting.

ravello autolab

I had the chance to test Ravello Systems deploying Autolab, and I must say they’re amazing, I needed support for a little trouble and had it solved in minutes.

Moreover, there are tons of study guides in the net, in my opinion the most complete is the Paul Grevink‘s VDCA550 Study Guide among the free ones plus the Chris Wahl‘s study sheet.

But the imperative is – lab, lab, lab, and don’t forget the blueprint !

VMUG Italia UserCon 2015 feelings

November, 12th the most important VMware Italian users event was held in Milan.


It’s been the third one, and the most successful of all 3.
I care it especially because I had my first public speech in a so important occasion.
But for sure it wasn’t me the best part. The VMUGIT Team did an awesome work.
They were able to invite people like (I’m following the list from

Chad Sakac – President, Global Systems Engineering at EMC – Blogger at

Vaughn Stewart – VP, Enterprise Architect at Pure Storage – Blogger at

Calvin Zito  – Also known as the “HP Storage Guy” or the “Go to guy for all things HP Storage” – Blogger at Around the Storage Block

Duncan Epping  – Chief Technologist at VMware CTO Office – Storage & Availability – Blogger at – VMUGIT UserCon regular guest – “the STAR” by my point of view

Lee Dilworth  – Principal Systems Engineer at VMware

Mariano Maluf – VMUG International President, he’s the man pushing the buttons in the VMUG control room.

I must be honest, I followed few of the sessions scheduled, since I was nervous about mine, but I’d like to report the feelings of the events.

Attendees: all of the ones I talked to felt like attending a really important event. All of them excited for the international speakers. Most of them were there on their own, some taking an holiday from work. I believe they came back home satisfied.

Sponsors: Since I was hosted by one of them, I can report directly that, at least for Tintri, they were inside a tech vault, talking to practical and well prepared professionals. So they expressed their best. Having a walk around for the other booths, anyway, I picked up more or less the same thoughts and behaviours – they knew that UserCon wasn’t the place for small talks and big numbers, but it was a good opportunity to introduce them to the tech heart of every company.

Speakers: I personally feel dazzled when I consider Duncan Epping – see him talking with the same passion everytime is incredible, so maybe I can’t be unbiased. His session reminded me one of his best ones presented at last VMworld, however he can be considered as the natural father of VSAN. Andrea Siviero, another great professional in my mind, explained in a simply way how to design complex scenarios through VMware Validated Design. Me, I will not talk of me, just to say that my passion for Tintri solution is real and evincible by numbers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow other sessions.

Staff: I already knew Giuseppe Guglielmetti, a passionate professional, I already met Andrea Mauro, incredible blogger-reviewer-organizer-consultant-…superman! But it was the first time with the others. I had the confirmation on my beliefs – they are a strong team, and I feel proud to be a member!

Good job guys, keep it up!

Ready – Steady – GO!

goSo, did we really need a new blog and a new blogger? I can’t say, I hope to give a little bit of my professionality to our large virtual community.

And, to start in the best way, I will not bore you readers with useless sentences, and I’ll close this first post in a few words: I’m not english speaking, so please forgive me for any error should I make, and I’ll do my best in keeping this blog interesting. If not – don’t worry to be rude and tell me.

Let’s go!